International Sales Development

Developing Sales Internationally

Often companies are looking for the magic formula when looking for a new sales person to do International Sales Development. First of all a person who can increase sales volumes outside of the home markets or find investors in a certain country. However results are not always as wanted.

The basic fact is that there is no magic formula, most noteworthy it is just hard work. The basic formula for doing business development/increasing sales is simple, it is called perseverance.  A person who does your development, should never back down and always continue contacting potential customers. Developing sales and markets is a function that needs tact and a feeling for cultural differences.

The only good business developer has worked with at least 10 cultures and additionally has lived at least 10 years of his life outside of his birth country and speaks at least 4 languages.

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The work I perform is based on a deeply rooted belief that it takes time to grow a seed into a tree. Results never come overnight, only hard work and the continuous pursuit of excellence are the key ingredients to achieving goals in life and in work.

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To become truly international, one needs to embrace, live and breath a multicultural life. Becoming successful in everything you do, one needs to focus on what is important for you. Enabling yourself to achieve what you want to achieve, one needs to be respectful, patient, and smart. These are the key aspects of an international manager. 

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My passion is listening to the ideas of clients and my teams, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative ideas. Most Importantly, I keep it simple.

I believe that respect, integrity, and team effort are the only way to achieve the desired results. There is no secret formula for finding the perfect sales person. Sales are made by performing interdepartmental teams, coexisting in the corporate culture and nurtured by managers as being their main asset.