SliceOmatic Features and Speed


The usual tools:

SliceOmatic has, of course, all the usual tools that any good image analysis program should offer. These include tools to view the images in any direction in multiple windows, tools to filter the images, tools to measure distances, angles, and surfaces on the images, and a lot more of the "basic" stuff.

SliceOmatic's Segmentation:

The process of identifying each tissue inside an image is known as "segmentation". And this is where sliceOmatic outshines the competition: its segmentation tools. sliceOmatic balances powerful segmentation tools with a highly interactive interface, enabling you to completely control the segmentation process.

Different modalities or even different tissues within the same slice are best segmented with different techniques. SliceOmatic makes it easy for you to use the appropriate technique for each specific task. For example, in an MRI slice of the abdomen, you may want to use mathematical morphology to segment the sub-cutaneous fat and region-growing to segment the intra-abdominal fat.

sliceOmatic is a research tool:

As a researcher, analyzing the images is only a means to an end. What you really want is getting accurate anatomical volumes. SliceOmatic is designed as a research tool. In addition to helping you create the great images for these "wow" slides in your presentations, it will export the surfaces and volumes of each segmented tissue in a spreadsheet compatible file.

sliceOmatic and Biomechanics:

Maybe your area of research is biomechanics? Then you will want to use sliceOmatic to create polygonal meshes and/or contour lines from the segmented data. These can then be exported in a number of standard formats to be used either in finite element analysis or to create stereolithographic models.


The wide range of formats that sliceOmatic supports makes it an ideal tool to both view and analyze all your images. You can see the list of supported image formats.



We try to maintain an up-to-date list of the scientific publications in which sliceOmatic is used. The list is split into 3 parts: papers in Body Composition, in Cancer Research and papers, using the 3D modules of sliceOmatic. See the List of publications page.

Speed, getting accurate values faster!

SliceOmatic speed measuring 10 slices

Free trial

But don't take our word for it, download sliceOmatic from this website and try it out for yourself! Without a license, the program does have a few limitations (it will not let you save any results) but you can take it for a spin and see how easy it is to segment your data with it.


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TomoVision is marketing and developing innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community. They are a small Canadian company and operations were started in 1993Their first product, slice Omatic, was developed as an in-house research tool. It was considered such a powerful tool that its fame grew by word-of-mouth. Because of this strong peer to peer advertising it soon, however, it was used extensively by researchers around the world.

Sirbonu is the official EMEA distributor for BabySliceO, for other regions please contact Tomovision directly.