SliceOmatic 5.0, medical image analysis software

SliceOmatic, is an easy-to-use, powerful and affordable medical image analysis software.  It enhances researchers' ability to measure, segment and analyze multi-slice scanner data. This analysis software was developed for researchers in Body Composition. Its evolution is based on years of collaboration between the programmers and the researchers who use it.

The software offers you the best segmentation process to date. Previously segmentation with MRI (Magnetic Resonance) modality was a highly labor intensive task. With this medical analysis tool, morphological operators can effortlessly perform tissue segmentation. Furthermore, studies have proven that this technique is generating consistent results.


What do our customers say:

SliceOmatic screenshot 6"SliceOmatic is a unique software package that makes the segmentation process easy, intuitive, and highly interactive.
I can't imagine using anything else."

B.J. Fregly, Computational Biomechanics Lab, University of Florida

"Ah, SliceOmatic is a work of art! It lets me take my less-than-perfect MRI data and make something beautiful out of it. I love the way it really lets you take a very close look at your data. The screen space is used very efficiently, the tools are kept out of the way and the data is front and center. The ability to quickly threshold and tag your data is great. It is then very easy to flip between morpho and edit mode and finish off the tagging. The 3d rendering and .stl file writing complete the package. The volume calculations are right on the money. While sliceO hasn't saved my life, it sure has helped save my job!
I recommend it to everyone who wants to tag MRI data..... "

David Maltbie, Procter & Gamble.

"We have been delighted with our Tomovision programs. The Slice-O-Matic program has far exceeded our expectations in terms of ease of use and quality of the output. We have found many more uses for this program than we ever expected. We have encouraged other research institutions to consider using Slice-O-Matic in their research. Thanks for the great product and the great service."

Judy Weltman, General Clinical Research Center, University of Virginia.

Free trial

But don't take our word for it, download sliceOmatic from this website and try it out for yourself! Without a license, the program does have a few limitations (it will not let you save any results). However you can take it for a spin and see how easy it is to segment your data with it.


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TomoVision is marketing and developing innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community. They are a small Canadian company and operations were started in 1993Their first product, slice Omatic, was developed as an in-house research tool. It was considered such a powerful tool that its fame grew by word-of-mouth. Because of this strong peer to peer advertising it soon, however, it was used extensively by researchers around the world.

Sirbonu is the official EMEA distributor for BabySliceO, for other regions please contact Tomovision directly.