BabySliceO Software Pricing

Our BabySliceO Software is based on SliceOMatic software developed by TOMOVISION. The vision was to offer clients an opportunity to convert 3D ultrasound data into a file format that can be used by 3D programs. By optimizing the SliceOMatic software product they enabled clients to make 3D STL models out of ultrasound data. It works with most of the 3D ultrasound data formats on the market such as Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical systems. 


Software pricing

BabySliceO has currently been priced at Euro 1500 plus tokens. This includes 1 year of support and updates. Transport and money transfer fees are added to this price. Please visit our eStore for more information.

You will get 2 licenses for BabySliceO included in this price:

  • A basic license that unlocks the modules of the software and takes to watermark away.
  • The token license that enables you to save the STL models.
  • One security dongle is included in the price.


Tokens are sold at prices* depending on the quantity, starting at Euro 10 for individual tokens.


When you start with a purchase of 3000 tokens at 17.250 Euro you will get the software for free.

*PayPal fees or bank fees are added to the tokens when applicable.


The software license includes 1 year of support and updates. Our customers can purchase the updates for € 240 per additional year.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest versions of Baby Slice O, you need to maintain a valid update contract. Therefore, when you do not update annually your Software will keep on working as normal but you do not receive the latest versions.

Full Trial

It is possible to do a full trial of the software. To start this full trial we need to send you a dongle with some tokens. A security deposit/fee of 150 Euro is charged for this. This covers 100 Euro security deposit for the dongle, 50 Euro for 5 tokens. Additionally will be charged shipping costs.

What happens after 30 days?

When the 30 days is over the software keeps on working but you cannot use your tokens any longer. Unused tokens can only be used when you purchase the software. Therefore after 30 days, the software does not allow you to save your projects. When you decide not to purchase 100 Euro will be returned (minus the costs for bank transfer) when we get the dongle back from you.

All prices can be changed without prior notice!

Free trial

Try BabySliceO for free. The program can be downloaded for free here, (BabySliceO). It will, however, have some limitations. Without a license, the program will let you import your data and segment it. However, it will not let you save any STL models. In the case that you want to make a few sample models with the software, you will need to do a FULL TRIAL.


TOMOVISIONTomovision logo

TomoVision is marketing and developing innovative easy-to-use yet powerful software for the medical community. They are a small Canadian company and operations were started in 1993Their first product, slice Omatic, was developed as an in-house research tool. It was considered such a powerful tool that its fame grew by word-of-mouth. Because of this strong peer to peer advertising it soon, however, it was used extensively by researchers around the world.

Sirbonu is the official EMEA distributor for BabySliceO, for other regions please contact Tomovision directly.