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3D printed ultrasound

Ultrasound developments

The last 10-15 years ultrasound technology has advanced significantly. 4D, 3D HD reality are all terms that ultrasound machine makers are advertising. These developments are focused on satisfying even the most demanding soon to be parent’s curiosity. Additionally, emotional ultrasound clinics are offering us a view into the world of the pre-born baby like nothing we have experienced before through 3D ultrasounds and a possibility for a 3D printed ultrasound.

To some, the increased reality might be very confronting and controversial. “Why is it necessary to know how the baby looks?” is an often heard remark or “have patience and then you will know!”. Some clearly reject every glimpse of the baby. Others do only the in many countries’ standard offered 2D health check ultrasounds done by doctors and hospitals. All these remarks, motivations and feelings do not take away that there is a large amount of soon to be parents that are looking to connect with their child earlier than the actual birth of this little person. They have a very strong wish to see their child when it is in the womb, to learn to know this person growing inside the mother.

Benefits of emotional Ultrasound

We support and respect all views in society on 3D ultrasounds and 3D baby statues. Additionally, we support prudence in the usage of emotional ultrasound sessions. All sessions should be done by educated specialists.  The baby should always come before the needs of the parents. However, as a parent, I fully understand the wish of new to be parents.  To see the child and learn to know this little person before it is even born is very special. The 3D emotional ultrasound can help mothers and fathers to form an early bond with the child. A bond that allows them to get earlier into the parenting role. A possibility to reduce the shock of the child suddenly being there in your arms. All are valid reasons for a person who wants it to choose for a 3D ultrasound and a 3D Baby Statue. Additionally, it allows the easy share between social networks such as brothers and sisters and grandparents. In this age of social networks, nothing goes far enough and this fits right into this behavior.

3D printed baby statues

To satisfy the most demanding parents ultrasound clinics can offer their clients an additional product, a 3D printed baby. Not the 2D to 3D rendered images but the real thing, a 3D baby based on the actual ultrasound data. Sirbonu is offering ultrasound clinics and parents that are interested in this product the possibility to have their 3D static ultrasounds converted into a 3D file. With prices starting at 11 Euro for a 3D file bought in bulk 200 pieces, the 3D baby comes into reach of a larger audience. The only thing needed is a volume file or DICOM file of the static 3D from the ultrasound machine. All ultrasound machines are capable of making these kinds of files. The client gets an STL file with their baby in 3D and can decide to either just keep it in digital format as a photo or to have it printed in any material they like. For more information please visit our website.

Feel free to contact me at pietro(at) for more information or for a price offer. Please note that this service is available globally in any country/region where currently there are no partners using our software. When your country or region has a partner we will refer you to our partners.

Pietro Usai

General Manager

Sirbonu OÜ

Sirbonu OÜ is the official EMEA distributor of TOMOVISION BabySliceO ultrasound conversion software. This press release is a commercial message and reflects the view of the writer. Sirbonu OÜ does not advocate nor support the over usage of 3D ultrasound for emotional purposes.


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