About Sirbonu OÜ

Sirbonu has its roots in Sardinia mostly coming from our travels in this beautiful Island. Probably one of the nicest beaches is Su Sirboni, close to the foothills of Monte Ferru, Marina di Gairo. Therefore the company name that I have chosen to represent myself and my actions is a combination of my last name and Su Sirboni. Hence stressing my Sardinian heritage.


International Management

Managing multicultural teams in any corporate structure.

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International Sales Development

Getting the most out of an existing or a new to be formed sales team. Additionally managing international sales teams directly and remotely.

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International Marketing Communications

To get the most out of your Marketing Communications efforts, you need an integrated approach between traditional and digital tools.

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3D Printed Ultrasounds

Sirbonu is offering the possibility to have a 3D static ultrasound converted into a 3D Baby Model.

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BabySliceO Ultrasound conversion software

BabySliceO software, for the conversion of 3D ultrasound files into 3D Baby Models. The software converts into a format that can be used in 3D printing such as STL or OBJ.

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The Team

Pietro Usai MBA Cum Laude

The past 20 years I have seen many different management styles in companies all over Europe when managing my teams. I have seen companies/projects fail and succeed. Most noteworthy I have seen that most successful companies knew that to get the best out of teams it was necessary to give freedom to people, responsibility for his or her own results. Additionally, teams often do not need traditional line managers to succeed but much more a coach.

As a true international manager, I speak 6 languages, lived and worked in 5 countries. Because of my quest for adventure and international exposure, this has allowed me to work with most of the world cultures. What I am good at are coaching people of many cultures, international marketing communications planning and execution, and international sales.

In conclusion, my passion lies in developing teams and companies to achieve the best results. Motivating me most of all is the success of others in my team, therefore maximizing results for the company. In any industry, this is the same no matter where in the world.